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Village Angel is a gathering of volunteers determined to make a very real difference in the lives of very real people in some of the poorest villages of Nigeria. We do not believe in faceless charity. Nor do we believe that effective aid requires a paid, professional staff. Instead, we focus our efforts on carefully chosen families and villages, working hard with responsible village elders to make sure that every dollar is used wisely.


Those who join Village Angel know exactly what their donations are used for and they see the results – the wells dug to provide clean drinking water, the children sent to good schools and the providing of medical assistance through the construction of a Medical Clinic.. 

The needs of those we help are real and they are serious. Most of Nigeria’s rural poor have no access to clean drinking water. Preventable diseases kill many children in infancy or before they turn five. For those who survive, education, even in inadequate state schools, is an unaffordable luxury. 

But these villagers, though poor, aren’t looking for hand-outs, only a hand up. They don’t want houses or clinics or schools or wells given to them. The people of Mbaise and the other villages ask only for the tools to build these things themselves. And that is what we offer: the tools, materials, and educational assistance they can use to build better lives for themselves and for their children.


Serve one another through love.  Galatians 5:13

At a time when Third World poverty seems so enormous, heartbreaking, and yet, so distant a crisis, Village Angel is shaping a brighter future – one child, one family, one

     village at a time. We invite you to join us in this labor of love, compassion, and care.

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