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We currently sponsor about 90 children in Nigeria. In the upcoming months, we'll be featuring a different child in need of a scholarship to support them through their education journey. Check back soon to learn more about the children you'll have the opportunity to help make their education a brighter one. 


Last August we started construction on a Medical Clinic. We are so thankful to everyone who contributed to this cause. 


Please be sure to check back as we provide updates on the status of construction.  We hope to have a dedication ceremony this December.


Clinic Construction In Nigeria


Each year we focus on giving the gift of bags of rice to Nigerian villages along with continuing to raise funds to build the much needed water wells and a clinic.


We ask for your support in raising the money to make this possible. Upon making our annual visit, we will distribute our gift to the villages. 


$100 = 100 lb Bag of Rice 

$9,000 = Digging Well & Pipes


Nigeria is currently fighting to regulate the prices at the markets as there has been a steep price increase over the past few months. Any donation you 

can make will be greatly appreciated! 



We often have group meetings to discuss the next focus of the mission and we'd love your involvement! Shoot us an email if you're interested in attending and we'll inform you of the next meeting. 

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